The Witch: And Other Tales of the American Gothic


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I met Author Jessica Hobbs on a fateful trip to New Orleans and fell in love with her passion and creativity! 

An accused witch is banished from her home in Portland, Maine.

A young socialite in New Orleans dabbles in magic to get rid of a rival.

An acrobat in a traveling circus learns her greatest enemy lives in the mirror.

An Irish immigrant may have brought malevolent faeries with her to the New World.

A lumberjack in the Pacific Northwest suspects a monster lurks behind the enormous trees.

A Colorado gold miner find himself trapped in the bowels of the earth, no matter how many times he tries to dig his way out.

A psychiatrist in Chicago suffers from insomnia and loses track of where reality ends and his nightmares begin.

Written in the literary tradition of gothic horror, The Witch: And Other Tales of the American Gothic is a collection of strange occurrences in 19th century America. These seven stories provide a reflection of the country's growing pains during a time of transition and exploration of the secrets that lurk in the shadows of the world we think we know. 

176 pages, printed in the USA

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