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Simplying Shadow is my way to share why this type of work is so important to our personal development. I will teach you not only what your Shadow and Shadow Work are, but also how to do it to help you learn to integrate your Shadow. While I do recommend the Shadow Work Deck as foundational to the course, the course work is still beneficial without it.

The course is broken down into four lessons, delivered weekly via email. It's a combination of video, audio, and PDF worksheets. Early 2022 I started giving lectures and running workshops on Shadow Work and Reclaiming Self, and my friends out-of-state always would ask “Will there be video or a live feed? Is there a way we can take part?” A need for a way to reach more people presented itself and Simplifying Shadow became my next big project. 

When I created The Shadow Work Deck in 2021, I had no clue that what I was doing at the time was considered Shadow Work. I had first heard about the Shadow from reading about Dream Interpretation, I started writing down and interpreting my dreams from the time I was about 12 years old. The hidden parts of self were represented as our Shadow. The deeper I delved into my project, my thoughts, and the tool I was creating in these cards, the more I realized it was Shadow Work, I was pulling all of these patterns, these hard-learned lessons, the insecurities, the advice I wish I had listened to, the little voice in the back of my thoughts that I had ignored for too long. I was taking these memories, photographs from the last decade of my life and taking these parts of self and layering them on top of each other, it felt so powerful.

I want to share all of those lessons with you, to empower you, to remind you of who you are and what you deserve and what you have hidden away for far too long. 

Our community of customers and students include single parents, military veterans with PTSD, peer recovery coaches, small business owners, students, teachers, therapists... Simplifying Shadow is ideal for most anyone looking to foster a better relationship with self. The last few years have been emotionally difficult worldwide, healing and caring for ourselves is where we can start in order to better benefit our communities and the world at large.

In addition to the weekly lessons and worksheets, you’ll also be invited to join my exclusive Shadow Community Membership, a safe space to connect with other students; where I will facilitate group discussions and answer questions. 

The first lesson will be sent via email (please make sure to use an email address you use regularly as this is how the course content will be delivered to you), and then each week after that for a total of 4 weeks. 


Question: If I don’t own The Shadow Work Deck, can I still take the course? 

Answer: Yes! It is not required, but I highly recommend working with the deck as a companion to the course material to really get the full experience. The Shadow Work Deck is a tool for self-guided inner work, but my course is open to anyone wanting to learn more about Shadow Work and who want to feel empowered!

Question: I already practice Shadow Work, would this class still be worth my time?

Answer: Absolutely! Simplifying Shadow provides my unique framework, perspective and fresh approach to learning Shadow Work. The content is broken down to be approachable, while still being incredibly powerful and impactful. Both those new to Shadow Work, or quite familiar will learn skills they can add to their emotional tool box or integrate with their current practices.

Question: How is this course different from the workshops you host? 

Answer: Most in-person workshops are only an hour to two hours long, and focused on a broad overview or specific topic. In the Simplifying Shadow course we will be journeying together over a period of 4 weeks. It is far more enriching than what I could cover in a brief 2 hour class. Plus, all of the bonus content, videos, audios, PDFs and Shadow Community Membership are exclusive to the online course experience. With the benefit of not having to be local, you can take your class whenever and wherever you are at your own pace.

Question: I have a full-time job, am a full-time student, have kids, an exuberant dog, thriving single life, will I have time for this class?

Answer: Yes! While the course content is delivered weekly, Simplifying Shadow is designed to be, well, simple! You can work along as each lesson is sent to you, or come back to it when you have the time. Each lesson is broken down step-by-step so you can work at your own pace and I am always available in the Private Shadow Community.

Question: Can I afford it? 

Answer: I totally relate to this question and am offering a convenient installment plan to make the course more accessible and affordable in 4 payments of $87.50 

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