Shadow Work Deck Wallet (Deck not included)


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***This listing is for the wallet by itself. Deck sold separately.***

While the deck box is nice, sometimes you just want something a bit more personal, a little special for your cards. 

The amazing Madalyn Nault in Arizona worked with me to design a custom deck wallet that will fit your Shadow Work cards perfectly, with just a smidge of wiggle room to tuck in a slender selenite wand or a small crystal point beside it. 

Handcrafted of vegan materials, the wallets come in a variety of outer colors: deep blue, passionate plum, midnight black, or glittery black like a starry sky.

Each wallet features a small silver crescent moon applique, and a unique contrasting fabric lining. There is also a hidden mantra stitched into each wallet, (we will choose the lining/mantra for you). Solid snap closure to keep your cards in place.

To clean, simply wipe the outside with a slightly damp cloth. 

This purchase  includes: 1x Deck Wallet 

(We have a separate listing for just the Shadow Work Deck as well as a deck and wallet bundle)

Tips: When not storing your deck, it's original box is great for holding jewelry, a safe place for crystals, small smudge sticks, chime candles, or even a travel spell kit. Get creative! 

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Black Glitter
Deep Blue
Passionate Plum

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