Strawberry Hedgehog Shadow Goddess Attunement Soap


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I reached out to the amazingly talented Tracy of Strawberry Hedgehog soaps to create the perfect soap for washing away what no longer serves you. I introduce to you Shadow Goddess. 

All natural and vegan Shadow Goddess soap contains essential oils aimed at combating deep fears, anxiety, desperation and for looking within, inertia of spirit. Deep and dark, a bit earthy, with notes of oak moss but balanced with rejuvenating frankincense and beautiful restorative rose.

Shadow Goddess aims to attune you to your intuition and healing while using aromatherapy to strengthen and fortify you. 

I personally use the shadow goddess soap in the shower and it is such a beautiful experience! The scent when you hold a raw bar is so deep but washing with it, the scent feels gentle, calming, caring, really lovely. There’s a light scent on my skin the rest of the day like a gentle reminder “you’ve got this,” I’m a little emotional about it! 

Each bar is generously sliced, a dark bar with swirls of glimmering gold from mineral muscovite, gently supporting your dedicating time to your spiritual side. 

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