Psychic Tarot Card Zoom Readings


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Do you have a specific question, obstacle or direction you're heading in that you would like clarity on? 

Zoom Reading: You will be sent a link to schedule a date and time for us to meet via Zoom link and I will give you a live reading. I will cleanse my space, lay out a cloth, light a candle and meditate on your question and intuitively pull your cards to give you insight. (Please be sure to use an active email address, so we can set a date/time and I can send you the zoom link for our meeting).

What People Are Saying:

Wow! It's almost know me, inside and out! I have the weekend to make my decision. I will definitely meditate on this and see what comes from it. Thank you so, so much Mary for your readings tonight. To be honest, I so feel like I underpaid you for this session!“
-Jose B.

"Thank you. I don't know how you do it, but you have a gift." - Dave S., MA

“Whole Lotta YUP” -Kat B.

By law I have to say that these readings are for entertainment purposes only. 

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