Witchy Shadow Giftset


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I dream of having a circle of magickal friends to cast spells, craft witchy things together, to share secrets, laughter and hold space for one another. This Witchy Shadow Gift Set is a way for me to connect with you through a limited-edition collection of magickal items. There will only be 9 boxes available to keep the circle small and intimate.

Items include:

  • Seduction Incense: crafted of personally hand-ground herbs and resins, comes packaged with a charcoal disc to burn it on
  • Vintage glass bottle of my own protective Black Salt blend containing ingredients from my altar
  • A spell kit with materials and instructions to craft your own prosperity charm!
  • A silver “DIVINE” necklace to remind you of your power and divinity
  • Travel size bar of Strawberry Hedgehog Shadow Goddess soap
  • Mystery crystal in a black velvet pouch
  • Black chime candle for shadow work, protection, banishing spells
  • Glass cork bottle of black matches with hot pink tips
  • and more! 

Over $60 worth of products, carefully hand-crafted, curated and bundled together for a special price of $39.99!

If these are popular I will be offering different Witchy Shadow Kits each season! Let’s make magick together!

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