Radical Whimsy Jewelry Kit


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Inspired by my childhood love of making friendship bracelets and my own unique funky jewelry, I wanted to bring back that same sense of radical retro style and whimsical creativity for adults who need some play in their lives. Introducing: Radical Whimsy jewelry kits! 

Each kit is packed into a 2.5” round reusable tin with elastic string and enough beads for up to 2 bracelets! The beads are a carefully curated hand picked mix of vintage beads, Czech glass, Peruvian Palo Santo, Tibetan om mani padme hum beads, crystal chips, pony beads, tassels, glitter beads, charms, jewel-shapes, rudraksha seed beads, and so much more!! Colorful, random, and fun with an elevated twist! 

No two kits are exactly alike!! We will intuitively select the kits for you!

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