Penelope’s Tarot


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From the creator of The Macabre Tarot and The Cosmic C*nt Tarot, another beautiful unique tarot deck by Sam (West) Rook; Penelope’s Tarot is a pastel wonder with powder blue edges, and a cotton candy color palette, sure to be a fun edition to any tarot collection! 

Sam Rook is a local Rhode Island artist and deck creator! I am super excited to be able to offer you some of her amazing creations!

From the artist: Penelope's Tarot Deck is my third tarot deck project, and the one closest to my heart. This is a project I took on during my pregnancy with my daughter. As soon as I found out I was expecting a girl, I knew I wanted to play with the ideas of femininity and what it means to be a girl. I played with feminine stereotypes and the deck grew from there. Being pregnant during the Covid-19 pandemic was incredibly scary and I had struggled a lot with the hope and joy that normally comes with pregnancy, and I wanted to embrace those emotions with this deck. I strongly believe the tarot never tells us all is lost - it gives us guidance and hope.

The tarot deck is the standard tarot size 70x120mm, high quality 350 GSM art paper, with brightly colored edges. The deck follows the traditional 78 card structure, with the suit of pentacles changed to crystals and swords changed to daggers. 

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