Palo Santo & Larimar Bracelet


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Larimar is known as one of the “Three Treasures of the Caribbean,” and is found in volcanic rocks. It is not widely produced because it is a non-renewable resource only found in the Bahoruco Mountains. True Larimar is copper pectolite, which gives the stone its unique blue color, in fact its name means “incomparable blue.” Attunes to throat and heart chakras, divine feminine, and is great for tranquility, nurtured healing, clear communication, strength and wisdom. and fragrant ethically sourced palo santo beads for raising self esteem, calming the mind, and clearing negativity. 

I carefully researched to find ethically sourced palo santo beads made from the wood of naturally fallen trees collected from the forest floors of Peru. The beads themselves act as a sort of aromatherapy with naturally occurring notes of citrus, mint, coconut and vanilla. Palo santo is believed to clear negative energies, to protect, purify and welcome creativity, positivity, love and joy. 

Measures about 7,” strung on stretchy beading cord for comfortable fit and ease. 

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