Ceramic Altar Dish


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Great for small offerings on your altar, as a trinket dish by the sink for rings or earrings, or a little nesting spot for your favorite bra crystals.

Wendy S. Jacobson is a Rhode Island artisan specializing in unique textures and traditional pottery techniques. I met this amazing ceramic artist at a farmers market and fell in love with the heart dish I bought from her. Naturally I commissioned her to make a limited edition line to share with you!

Wendy created three custom designs for me in beautiful bright glazes: crimson hearts with vine textures, cerulean squares with oceanic waves and violet hexagons with a fan motif. 

Dish sizes each vary, hearts are around 3”x3”, squares are “3.5”x3.5”, and hexagons measure 4”x4” from point to point. Handmade locally in Rhode Island by WSJPottery.


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Crimson Heart
Cerulean Square
Violet Hexagon

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