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Like the Shadow Work Deck card, Magic is Everywhere, why shouldn't painting your nails be intentional as well? All Love By Luna nail polishes are 21-free, vegan, cruelty-free, and made in the USA. 15ml bottle.

To use: shake bottle upside down, focus on intention, then apply 2 coats, and seal with Super Cleanse top coat.

Choose from these fabulous colors based on the crystals they are infused with and their intentions: 

(Gold Shimmer) Abundance Boost: Secure the bag and attract good fortune with this abundance boosting and confidence enhancing gold foil shade. Infused with micronized pyrite--a stone of prosperity and willpower--this blend shines a light on your inner gifts and unique talents, turning everything you touch into gold. Use it to adopt an abundance mindset, cultivate wealth, and bring success to all of your endeavors. This is the perfect shade to wear when applying for a new job, launching a new product, or raising your self-worth.

(Dark Brown Creme) Energy Shield: Banish bad vibes and protect your energy with this grounding and detoxifying dark brown shade. Infused with micronized smoky quartz, this powerful formula is your first line of defense against negativity. Smoky quartz offers a constant cloak of protection by gently diffusing negative vibrations while amplifying positive energy, keeping you feeling safe, secure, and unbothered. This blend is perfect for those in demanding roles who want to stand firm in their power all day long while setting healthy boundaries with others. Apply it before work or whenever you need to come back to center.

(Opalescent Sheer) Full Moon
Mystic Mani | Full Moon: Ametrine + Tiger's Eye + Howlite. The full moon is a time of abundance, manifestation, and harvest. Under the light of the full moon, everything is illuminated. Release what is no longer serving you and celebration your progress thus far with this potent blend. Designed to harness the energy of this powerful lunar phase, our ethereal white polish features a subtle, milky iridescent shimmer that captures the magical glow of the full moon. This polish is also infused with 3 micronized crystals: Ametrine brings emotional balance, joy, and abundance. Tiger's Eye reinforces practical problem solving and willpower, helping you see tasks through to completion. White Howlite facilitates calmness, patience, and self-awareness, helping you attune to your true needs. 

(Apricot Sheer) Goddess: Mystic Mani | Goddess: Rose Quartz + Selenite + Moonstone. Greet your inner goddess, nurture your intuition, and encourage deep healing with this universally flattering shade. This gentle, pink-tinged nude features a harmonious blend of micronized crystals to invoke and honor the divine feminine: Rose quartz emanates with unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, and harmony. Selenite provides cleansing and renewal. Moonstone enhances intuition and inner strength. Apply this polish whenever you need a bit of soothing, healing, or intuitive guidance. 

(Violet Shimmer) Luminous Dreams: Tap into powerful dream insights and improve sleep quality with this glittering cosmic purple shade. Created as a companion to the book, Luminous Dreams by Katie Huang, this shade is a staple for bedtime rituals and features a potent blend of micronized amethyst and lepidolite. Known for their illuminating and soothing qualities, these stones invoke a deep sense of relaxation that allows you to better receive intuitive guidance as you connect with your dreaming mind. Apply this shade as you wind down at night to release stress and promote dream recall upon waking.

(Mint Green) Manifestation Magic: Turn your dreams into a reality with this shimmering mint green shade that supports growth on all levels (plus a little bit of luck). Infused with micronized green aventurine--the "Stone of Opportunity"--this blend makes room for new possibilities and ideas to bloom as it supports alignment with your heart's true desires. Whether you're interested in turning over a new leaf or have a specific intention you'd like to bring to fruition, this shade will allow you to welcome purpose, optimism, and prosperity into all parts of your life.

(Black Creme) New Moon: Mystic Mani | New Moon: Selenite + Clear Quartz + Moonstone.
New moon, new nails, new you. Reflect upon old goals & set new intentions with absolute clarity with the power of this potent blend. Specially formulated to work with the energy of the new moon, our classic black polish is a blank canvas for new opportunities. Selenite cleanses and removes any stagnant or negative energy that may be holding you back. Clear Quartz amplifies and focuses the energy of your intentions. Moonstone invokes inner growth, strength, and emotional balance to keep you steadily moving forward. Apply 2-3 days before the new moon for best results.

We recommend this shade for anyone who wants to harness the power of the new moon or start over fresh.

(Light Blue) Retrograde Rescue: The ultimate remedy for retrograde woes. This soothing cornflower blue shade melts away stress & dissolves blockages while promoting introspection, balance & inner peace. Infused with micronized blue lace agate, the tranquil energy of this formula will support you in keeping calm and carrying on during any retrograde transit (especially Mercury retrograde), or whenever life throws a few curveballs your way. Blue lace agate is a must-have stone in times of hardship, as its soothing energy eases tension, repairs communication, and promotes clear thinking.

(Clear Top Coat) Super Cleanse: Introducing the quintessential top coat: Super Cleanse. This is a quick drying, clear polish that can be used as a top coat to seal in color and extend the life of your manicure, or worn on its own for a simple, clean look. Infused with micronized clear quartz, this polish acts as a deep cleanser for the soul--removing energetic blockages and bringing the mind and body into a state of harmony, balance, and clarity. Use it to wash away whatever no longer serves you and promote a clear and focused mindset. Since quartz amplifies the effects of other stones, it will also lend an extra boost of positivity and strength to the intentions you set. To use as a top coat, apply this polish after you've allowed your base color to dry completely. You should only need one coat, but can apply two for extra protection if desired.

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