A Day of Witchery In-Person Psychic Tarot Readings


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Do you have a specific question, obstacle or direction you're heading in that you would like clarity on? Join me Sunday, August 4th at A Day of Witchery in Pawtuxet Park 11am-5pm! 

This is a Live In-Person Reading, must be able to travel to Warwick for the reading: After purchasing, you will be sent a link in a follow up email to reserve a time for your reading. (Please be sure to use an active email address, and allow email marketing, so you can receive the email to book your time and receive appointment reminders).

What People Are Saying:

Wow! It's almost like...you know me, inside and out! I have the weekend to make my decision. I will definitely meditate on this and see what comes from it. Thank you so, so much Mary for your readings tonight. To be honest, I so feel like I underpaid you for this session!“
-Jose B.

"Thank you. I don't know how you do it, but you have a gift." - Dave S., MA

“Whole Lotta YUP” -Kat B.

By law I have to say that these readings are for entertainment purposes only. 

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